My bookend is my dear sister, Heidi. Bookends are great things, they share between them everything from history to fiction to fantasy to picture books, and one would be quite lost without the other.

There you have it. Any questions?
In my last poll I asked about your favorite part of your Church service. Someone commented that they though they could figure out what denomination folks were by their answers. I was skeptical, but I thought I'd give 'em a chance to see. :)

Oh, and someone else wanted to know how those four folks (two Americans, two Kiwi) broke someone else's 'fess up!

And I confess that I have to agree with [ profile] jkgeroo, crayons aren't the only things that smell nice. Markers and paint are right up there. Hmm...maybe Wal*Mart shouldn't have sold me that spray paint...

this poll is cut for dryness )

I expect that this will be my least participated poll. ;)
Seems like things are so busy lately, but I can't really put my finger on the difference. I've been terrible about commenting...and even reading...this last week, sorry!

Hannah and I had a delightful time yesterday. :) We went to the mall, out for dinner, then to the show, and topped it off with Starbucks. Michael Flatley is amazing! But despite the incredible dancing, my favorite part was when he played the flute (did you know he was a concert flutist?). It was absolutely amazing! I discovered that you can get the soundtrack for Celtic Tiger, so I added it to my Amazon wish list. :)

At Starbucks Hannah got a pumpkin spice latte, so I did some experimenting this afternoon...mmm! Have an espresso machine? Add 1/8 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (I have a recipe for it if you don't have the spice on hand) and 1 Tablespoon sugar to your milk before heating it. At first I thought it would be very similar to the egg nog latte that I make, but it's not. Yay! Now I have two holiday coffee drinks. :)

Beautiful things # 10 11: Leaves dancing in the road.

Dancing leaves on the road
Brilliant blue of the Autumn sky
Sunshine glowing through the trees
Walking through piles of red and gold

I need to get a birthday card in the mail so that it makes it by the 31st...

I think I'm addicted to Bath and Body Works. I'm not telling you how many scents of shower gel we have in our shower.

And of course, Hailie's still cute.

Edit: haha! Less than half of you knew that an abattoir was a slaughterhouse! *snigger*
and cut because there are So Many Great Story Tellers... )

In other news, I just got home from seeing the new Wallace and Gromit...*grin* it was quite fun. Once again, there were a total of three people in the theatre for the first showing of a it me?

[ profile] singersdd...I'm not too far behind, so don't get too excited!
Did I ever mention how poetic my stbrigidsnovicesister is?


pure virgin winter landscape, icy fingers of wind lifting the wisps of hair around the face. the pristine whiteness provides a cruel contrast against the naked leafless tree. Aloof it holds itself, until...three small children with bright red scarves...


golden light embodied in the tiny essence of an autumn leaf. the skies lowering overhead do not darken it's brilliance, but intensify it until one believes there must be an inner source


the produce dept. at the grocery store, oranges piled high-- I weigh them tentitively in my hand-- imagining juice trickling down my chin and fingers

well....most of the time... )
...just a random fact about myself. Here's another for you, I've listened clear through Handel's Messiah over a thousand times.

I just wanted to make a few comments about my last poll because I liked it so much, and because I can.

The Poem:
I liked this_is_warmthLana's the very best, but I liked others...Read more... )

They were all so good and funny though! Beware! I'll be doing this again. :)

I have to agree with melyndieMelinda about the shoes...I nearly made the number 12, not six. Just look at the interesting info I'd've missed out on!

I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who wishes to be a dragon or a turtle. Which are you?

I am definitely in a minority here!

I found out that my friarsladyMom had never thought of this question.

I am currently eating warm cherry pie and talking on the phone to my nephew, Dylan. Hilary is in the other room reading a book to the kids. It's called The Story of Holly and Ivy, and it's kind of weird to keep hearing my name.

I leave you with a quote from George MacDonald:
' .... The truth of the flower is, not the facts about it, be they correct as ideal science itself, but the shining, glowing, gladdening, patient thing throned on its stalk --- the compeller of smile and tear from child and prophet. ... '
....what did I do so differently in this poll?? I just stuck that last question because I wanted to use the scale, and I couldn't think of anything else. Speak up oh wise ones!
Being in the transportation department, my employees and I are considered to be in safety sensitive positions, and are therefore in a pool of 500 for random drug and alcohol testing...guess who was one of 29 that got called today? It was my first time for a BAT...I didn't get to walk the line though, since my test came out .000 :) I was there over an hour, but I finished my book while waiting, so it was worth the bother.

Which reminds me to mention that this is the second book I've finished this week; CS Lewis' The Great Divorce and Greg Bahnsen's Theonomy in Christian Ethics.

Guess what it's about to do outside? Remember my post yesterday morning? It was clear out when I made my prediction...I have the power!

And the answers to your questions... )

I think I'll make some coffee and do some TS preparation....ooooh! Hilary read my post about Hailie pics, and took some incredible photos today. Maybe I'll make some coffee and make userpics...I'll post some of the photos later, because they are too hilarious to not share.

If you do nothing else this! :)


Sep. 8th, 2005 12:46 pm
Would you describe a paperweight (you know, an inanimate object) as 'loyal'?

My boss sounded a little croaky this morning, so I asked him if he was getting a cold. He said, "No, my wife has a cold, and she won't stop breathing on me!"

I found a good thing about Heidi being gone. I drink less coffee. I bet she does too. There's something about companianship that makes drinking coffee more fun sometimes.

Fuel prices and summer temperatures both going down. That's a good thing. As are clean windows on my car.

Edit: By the way, in answer to the question of arm wrestling, I beat Fred with the right arm, and he beat with the left.



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