As Hailie says, "Be. Careful. Holly. Might. Be. Grumpy."
Here you are, Jessica and Susan. This was taken last week. Or was it this week. I can't remember now. What's the verdict?

For Jessica and Susan


Aug. 1st, 2006 10:13 pm

Complete and Utter Sweetness Complete and Utter Sweetness

My little Turtle at three weeks. Today was her due date. ;)


Oct. 30th, 2005 04:49 pm
From my walk Friday...
Autumn colors...trees, of course! )

Some photos Hilary took today for my Grandma...
Hailie 'n' Me )
Hilary makes quilts. Yes, and quilts them by hand too. Her latest masterpiece currently has no recipient, so I have the honor of hanging it in my room...

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Whoo-hoo! Hilary said that she can help me make cookies! First we put in the eggs. Hilary tells me to give it two bangs on the bowl, then put my thumbs in and pry it open, she even shows me with one. I think it would work better if I banged it five or six times. Oops! It opened and fell into the bowl!

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? )
My subject line is from the music the kids are listening to. Fred's (12 1/2) even singing with it! Mr. I-like-to-pretend-that-emotions-don't-exist. I think it's quite funny. But I will restrain myself and not tease him...this time.

I keep meaning to say this and I keep forgetting. But [ profile] melyndie reminded me. Last week I got the funniest response when I answered the phone at work. I got through my, "Thank you for calling CART, this is Holly, how can I help you?" and there was a stunned moment of silence then, "You mean you exist??" I laughed. :) And today I was called Sally...

Why is it that Wal Mart workers are non existent when you need them? I was going to pick up a new deck of Phase Ten cards today, but the card games were moved, and though I walked through several departments, I couldn't find someone to help me.

Hilary took some really cute photos today of the kids. But I haven't fixed 'em up for posting, and I don't feel like doing it right now.

Greek food sounds Very Yummy to me right now.

I want to get a fish. I've never had a fish before.

Mom will comment about that last sentence, I'm sure.

I got my room all cleaned up Saturday. Sunday, Hailie knocked over a glass of water on my desk, so I had to spread papers, letters, cards receipts, notebooks, etc. on my floor. Oh well. At least they're a little more organized now.

Wal Mart saved me money today! They didn't have those Really Cute Shoes in my size.

I wish the UPS man would come. I want my new jeans!

Isn't my icon cool? I love Hailie little pony tails showing up in the shadow....and the fact that I'm actually taller than Hannah (who is five inches taller than me when we aren't shadows).

And then there was a dragon.
Hailie, Hannah and I just went for a short walk. We were walking along quietly and I asked Hailie what she was thinking. She immediately responded in a matter of fact voice, "I was thinking about having my birthday again."

We were talking about Church tomorrow, and she was listing different things we do in Church..."sing, eat, pray, sing, talk and pick up cups!" [meaning the communion cups] So I asked her what her favorite part of Church was, and she said, "I like Pink and Blue ones best, but I haven't ever seen them."

We saw some pretty, red leaves, and Hailie asked who made the leaves, and I told her God did. She asked what God, and I told her the Creator of the universe and our Savior. She asked who our Savior was, and I told her Jesus. She then said, "Jesus sees us and is saving us!"

now for some Hailie cuteness of another kind... ) honor of my 800th post, and to round my posts for today to the cozy number seven, and because God was good to me and gave me clouds to take pictures of I give you these...Read more... )
Before inverting the pie )

After inverting the pie )

P.S. As to the question about the continuous apple peel, this is what I googled:

Peeling apples for a prediction has been popular for ages. This method was used if someone had a very important question. The apple was peeled very carefully so that the questioner ended up with a long unbroken peel. The question was asked and the peel was thrown over the shoulder. The answer was "No" if it fell in the shape of an "U" or an "O" and it was "Yes" if it was anything else.

Another very popular form of a peeling prediction was one that allowed a girl to find out who her future husband would be. The apple was peeled, again in one long continuous piece, and thrown over her left shoulder. If the peel remained unbroken, it would fall in the shape of the initial of her future spouse. If the peel broke, she would remain unmarried.

Now if I had only known about throwing it over my shoulder...
[picking up a back massager and sing-songing]
"Scrub your back and go to town!"

[playing with a frog on the edge of the tub and scolding]
"If you run away again I will find you, and you will be alive."

[after she asked me why]
"Why is a reason, Holly!"

[walking a man along the edge of the tub, then sitting him down]
"Walkidy, walkidy, walkidy, whee! 'I'm thinking why you're alive', said the man who was sitting down talking to Holly."

Hailie: "I'm hungry"
Holly: "Hi, hungry"
Hailie: [knowing what was coming next] "I'm Holly"
Holly: "Heh"
Hailie: "What is that?"
Holly: "What?"
Hailie: "Heh"
Holly: "It means you're funny"
Hailie: "No, mommy said for you to say that when Hailie was in her bath"

Hailie: "Are you hungry?"
Holly: "No, you're hungry"
Hailie: "Are you going to be hungry when you get married?"
Holly: "Probably"
Hailie: "And your man will say 'why are you hungry?' and you will say ''cause' and he will say ''cause is not a reason' and you will get in your car and drive, drive, drive to Hailie's house and she will fix dinner for you."

*wink* )


Sep. 21st, 2005 08:22 pm
why is it that I don't find it strange to find a white hair (in my head, my little literal readers), but find it extremely odd to find a jet black hair?

why is it that sometimes I can really smell my Meadow Mist Yankee candle tea lights that are on my dresser, and sometimes can't smell them at all?

I was looking today at some photos of me when I was a little chubby bundle of cuteness, and in an album given me by my Grandma Betty, I found a poem that my grandpa wrote for me for my seventh birthday (eep...twenty years ago!). It's in his handwriting too, which makes it even more sweet and precious (he died three years ago):

There is a little girl of a very special kind
As sweet a little girl as you'll probably ever find
She loves to have a lot of fun with book, and pen and toy
Yes that special little girl is named Holly Joy
When she comes down to see us we want her to know
She is very special and we really love her so
She is busy in the morning and busy the whole day through
And she really keeps agoing as there's so much to do
So always keep on smiling and read much from God's Word
And you'll always be happy as you lean upon the Lord.

--Clarence Tucker
July, 1985

and...a couple more Hailie pics... )
I spent last weekend with [ profile] moredetails (I know I told you already, but it was great enough that it bears repeating), and this weekend [ profile] 617 was here. Bryan's visit was great, playing tag on the playground at the park with the kids, introducing him to Monster's Inc. and Finding Nemo, playing games, including teaching him Catan and Kremlin, and making cheesecake on Sunday afternoon. All in all, a great visit. The kids loved having him here, half the time he had several kids talking to him at once. :)

Anyway, I haven't really had a chance to be online much, and I won't this week either, as I have a TS party to prepare for. You'd think that since it's my second party I wouldn't be nervous about it, but that is not the case. If you could pray for grace for this, I would appreciate it. I'm still unsure about whether or not this business is for me.

I'd like to welcome the several newcomers to my friends list. You caught me at a busy time, so if I don't read or comment much right away, that's why.

I'll leave you with a photo... )



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