Hailie: "Oh Holly! I thought last night while I was asleep that my jumping rope could be stolen by a burgler!"

Holly: "Do you even know what a burgler is?"

Hailie: "Yeah, remember in... Oh, Freeman told me, it's a guy who comes and steals stuff. It's a good thing our door was locked!"

Holly (thinking about all the times toys get left out and of Someone who has the habit of forgetting her keys in the ignition): "Well, we don't have burglers around our house."

Hailie: "Yeah, they're all in Africa! That's what they said in my dream."

Whereas I didn't dream about burglers, but being one of the principle parties in a wedding, and everyone changing clothes before the photographs have been taken. Totally not happening!

Bryan is leaving in three weeks!
Less than 600 hours until I see him again!

I have...

Aug. 5th, 2006 11:28 am
... an amazing, incredible fiance

... a sweet sweet sister/best friend

... wonderful friends

... all my sorting and packing to do in 25 days

... a peach cheesecake in the fridge for dinner

... a craving for a pretty black shawl

... two cousins younger than Hailie, which is weirder to me than having a four year old sister

... over 100 emails in my inbox again... for now

... to get to work.
If only I could just load my things on one of the planes on Bryan's flight simulator!

My room is now missing 125 pounds of books and magazines. I think I'll move into that little corner that is all empty.


Look! A new Hailie userpic. Silliness doesn't end when you turn four... or twenty-eight. ;)


Aug. 1st, 2006 07:03 am
... is the first and second days of August (there, I said it before anyone corrected me).

... I'm going to clean my room (I think).

... the painters will finish up on our house.

... I will call all three of my married siblings.

... is the day before I get a haircut. I love getting my hair cut.

... I will wrap Hailie's birthday presents.

... can be a wonderful day!
Comment about someone special. Tell us why they are special, and if you see them in person today, make sure you tell them too.




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