Oct. 28th, 2005 09:10 pm
First, a quote from (who else!) George MacDonald:
"All that is not rooted in him, all hope or joy that does not turn its face upward, is an idolatry. Our prayers must rise that our thoughts may follow them."

Since I had today off, and no particular plans, I took a walk...4.5 miles...nice.

While walking I...

  • saw some pretty ducks

  • was barked at by five dogs (two of whom were so fierce they didn't even bother to get up)

  • thought about how much I love trees

  • thought about communication and how silly I was to be frustrated at our ISP being down for a day (thankfully it wasn't a whole day though)

  • saw the sun reflected in the irrigation ditch and mused on the Son's reflection even in dirty water

  • was glad when the sun went behind some clouds because it was making me sneeze

  • thought about how nice it was to live in a small community where when you walk by folks working in their yards wave and say 'hi' and you don't have to be nervous about the people that stop and ask if you need a lift

  • saw some tow-headed tots who were delighted to holler out a greeting and wave vigorously

  • thought about how when I walk it seems as if time stops and I could just keep walking forever

  • decided that the folks least likely to move over to the middle of the road for pedestrians are young men and old ladies

  • realized with delight that a waterfall sounds just as beautiful even if it's just a small, utilitarian dam in a irrigation ditch

  • worked very hard at getting "Waltzing Matilda" out of my head

Share your burdens and joys!

[Poll #600689]
Friday again! Oh to be a kid for a week and have time inch past!

Please feel free to share your burdens and praises that we may share and rejoice with you!

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Hailie was brushing her teeth last night, and I fluttered my eyes at her in the mirror. She tried to do it back and then asked, "Holly, can you make my eyes do that??"

I came up behind her when she was sitting at the table and kissed the top of her head. She emitted a startled, "Hey!" I looked at her and said, "What?! I was just kissing you!" She said, "Oh. ok." and turned her little face up to kiss me back. *happy sigh*

A Joke
A blond was sitting at a bar sobbing as if her heart would break. A man came in and sat next to her and felt really bad for her. He asked what was wrong, and she said that she saw on the news that in an accident 12 Brazilians were killed. He was a bit confused, but tried to comfort her anyway. She finally calmed down, and they were talking a bit, and she asked him, Read more... )

I apologize for not posting this yesterday, I don't normally work on Fridays so I kept thinking that it was Thursday. :P For those of you who are new, I have a small group of people who desire to pray for each other and you. The poll is only viewable to myself, and in the filtered post those requests/praises that you have asked not to be shared are posted as unspoken requests/praises. I take such a delight in being able to share your burdens and joys by bringing you to my God.

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Random Thought
I wonder who invented the match. I'm very happy about it. I'd hate to have to rub sticks together every time I wanted to light a candle.


Sep. 30th, 2005 11:44 am
Ok, so it is for Jessica and me anyway.

*happy sigh* I love sleeping in. Kind of makes up for having to get up Way Too Early two days a week.

Plans for this weekend? None. Just getting some stuff done like:
putting clean sheets on my bed
finishing Hailie's dress
balancing the checkbook
taking a long walk
finishing Pilgrim's Regress
making a Topsy Turvy Apple Pie
Yeah, I'm totally liking the sounds of this weekend.

Do you have Eczema? FreeDermHC is the answer!
"Even prescriptions didn't clear up my eczema like FreeDerm! I was and continue to be amazed at how well this works!"
-Holly T, Nevada, Eczema sufferer for 13 years

Ok, I'm feeling happy and pollish, sooooo.....

Edit: in answer to Jessica's question, personness is not a word. But I like to make up words instead of wording a question properly. Actually, that might not have answered Jessica's question after all. What can I say. I'm female.

[Poll #580643]

[Poll #580644]
My apologies. I posted the first poll so everyone could view it. Those who have already filled out the poll don't have to redo it if they don't like, I've saved it as a private post.

It's Friday again....wow.

I love praying for you and with you. A dear friend and I were talking about prayer this week, and I'd like to share with you something that really hit home for me:

By praying we get to join in with God at work in this world and draw closer to Him through it, rather than prayer being an automated response or a formula/ritual to follow.

Does prayer work? Yes.

[Poll #576095]
I think I keep saying this, but I love being able to pray with you all. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with me.

As usual, the prayer list will be posted Sunday morning.

[Poll #571616]
It is indeed a privilege to pray for you all. I'll be posting these Sunday, as usual. Blessings to you all!

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