Being in the transportation department, my employees and I are considered to be in safety sensitive positions, and are therefore in a pool of 500 for random drug and alcohol testing...guess who was one of 29 that got called today? It was my first time for a BAT...I didn't get to walk the line though, since my test came out .000 :) I was there over an hour, but I finished my book while waiting, so it was worth the bother.

Which reminds me to mention that this is the second book I've finished this week; CS Lewis' The Great Divorce and Greg Bahnsen's Theonomy in Christian Ethics.

Guess what it's about to do outside? Remember my post yesterday morning? It was clear out when I made my prediction...I have the power!

And the answers to your questions... )

I think I'll make some coffee and do some TS preparation....ooooh! Hilary read my post about Hailie pics, and took some incredible photos today. Maybe I'll make some coffee and make userpics...I'll post some of the photos later, because they are too hilarious to not share.

If you do nothing else this! :)


Sep. 14th, 2005 05:24 pm
Well, by the grace of God, I don't have a party until next Saturday. This is a Very Good Thing, since a coworker unwillingly shared a little bug with me....hopefully it'll leave quickly, and nobody at home will get it. I'm also thankful that my last two days of work (and this one also) are short days.

I am really looking forward to starting The Great Divorce this evening. [ profile] mairesue and I are going to be reading it together...Yay!

I don't see how someone can loose the 'quota' of hair a day (100, isn't it?) and still have thick hair. I figure I definitely lose at least that much. Aren't you glad I told you? Maybe if I kept my hands out of my hair....heh...that'll be the day.

Just because you have a bugle doesn't mean you know how to play it.

Those roses mom cut for me a few weeks ago dried in the little pitcher, and are just as lovely as they were fresh.

I haven't done the comment thing for a couple maybe I'll be different and list everyone who had four or more...back here, of course! )

So you see why I thought I should start with 4?

My paid account expires next week...I'm seriously considering getting extra pics when I renew, which is funny, because I never thought I would. :) What can I say. I've been bitten by the, the LJ bug...



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