Aug. 10th, 2006 09:06 am
It's really funny to hear a four year old crooning, "Take my lips and give me yours... "

I have twenty days to be completely packed and ready to move. That means I'm going to need to figure out what I'm going to want with me in the next couple months that will not be shipped.

It's unreal to look at our registry and see things have been purchased.

But then the thought of being married isn't unreal in the least.

Sometimes the thought of the responsibilities of being a wife and someday a mother is overwhelming.

People have expectations. Even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

According to the girls in Sense and Sensibility, once you reach the old age of twenty-seven, you'll never fall in love. It's a good thing I met Bryan before my birthday last year. He does a pretty good job of pretending since he was already so old.

It doesn't help my vanity any to have Hilary and Hannah both comment on how much better they like my hair this way. I think I like my hair too much.

I'm glad we can access our library accounts online. It makes things easier and more convenient.

Lara and David are getting married in two days, folks!

Our neighbours borrowed our crib for their visiting granddaughter. Finn wanted to know if they were going to have a baby.

I love surprises.

Less than 500 hours until I see Bryan again. That makes me happy.

I have...

Aug. 5th, 2006 11:28 am
... an amazing, incredible fiance

... a sweet sweet sister/best friend

... wonderful friends

... all my sorting and packing to do in 25 days

... a peach cheesecake in the fridge for dinner

... a craving for a pretty black shawl

... two cousins younger than Hailie, which is weirder to me than having a four year old sister

... over 100 emails in my inbox again... for now

... to get to work.

I am...

Aug. 4th, 2006 11:16 am
... tightening buttonloops and resewing buttons on my wedding dress

... listening to Air Supply

... going to the library this afternoon with seven kids

... getting married in 36 days

... looking forward to getting my hair cut on Monday

... happy that my cake topper came yesterday; it's beautiful

... drinking coffee

... loving my new Hailie icons, I should make more

... missing Bryan like crazy today


Aug. 1st, 2006 07:03 am
... is the first and second days of August (there, I said it before anyone corrected me).

... I'm going to clean my room (I think).

... the painters will finish up on our house.

... I will call all three of my married siblings.

... is the day before I get a haircut. I love getting my hair cut.

... I will wrap Hailie's birthday presents.

... can be a wonderful day!
Comment about someone special. Tell us why they are special, and if you see them in person today, make sure you tell them too.



Oct. 28th, 2005 09:10 pm
First, a quote from (who else!) George MacDonald:
"All that is not rooted in him, all hope or joy that does not turn its face upward, is an idolatry. Our prayers must rise that our thoughts may follow them."

Since I had today off, and no particular plans, I took a walk...4.5 miles...nice.

While walking I...

  • saw some pretty ducks

  • was barked at by five dogs (two of whom were so fierce they didn't even bother to get up)

  • thought about how much I love trees

  • thought about communication and how silly I was to be frustrated at our ISP being down for a day (thankfully it wasn't a whole day though)

  • saw the sun reflected in the irrigation ditch and mused on the Son's reflection even in dirty water

  • was glad when the sun went behind some clouds because it was making me sneeze

  • thought about how nice it was to live in a small community where when you walk by folks working in their yards wave and say 'hi' and you don't have to be nervous about the people that stop and ask if you need a lift

  • saw some tow-headed tots who were delighted to holler out a greeting and wave vigorously

  • thought about how when I walk it seems as if time stops and I could just keep walking forever

  • decided that the folks least likely to move over to the middle of the road for pedestrians are young men and old ladies

  • realized with delight that a waterfall sounds just as beautiful even if it's just a small, utilitarian dam in a irrigation ditch

  • worked very hard at getting "Waltzing Matilda" out of my head

Share your burdens and joys!

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The kids are watching The Fellowship of the Ring, and Hailie keeps checking to see if it's "a good part"...i.e. not scary. When the boys tell her it is, she says, "Oh! Thanks!"

You know I told you about Hilary and I and the banana bread? I decided to make a family favorite for dinner, Onion Lover's Twist (a dinner bread) this afternoon. I had just started on it when Hilary comes in the kitchen and says, "Holly, is there time to make....oh!" I think we're like twins or something...eleven years apart. :)

Fallon had a downpour today! It was like raining cats and dogs....for Nevada. I, personally would call it an inconsistent drizzle...but it was moisture from the sky, and smelled wonderfully.

Part of the show on Sunday evening was a slide show of American Irish, and there were intermittent cheers for different people, but you should've heard the crowd erupt when they showed a picture of a bottle of Guinness...

Beautiful Things # 12 Rain! I think it's my favorite weather hands down.
# 13 God giving an intense awareness of His blessings and gifts. I feel like I'm always aware of everything I have coming from Him, but sometimes it just hits so hard I'm quite overwhelmed.
# 14 Little children's fingers. Their chubby dimpledness is so charming!..but then I'm a fan of hands in the first place...

I kind of feel bad that a birthday gift for *whispers* mairesue will be late, but just makes her birthday last longer, right? ;)

I can't believe it's November next week. Ch.

Yay for Nevada Day! I get paid to stay home from work tomorrow.

The end.

P.S. [Poll #599755]
P.P.S. Thank you, you Sweetie whoever you are, who gave me another hug...

ya' think?

Oct. 25th, 2005 05:02 pm
Some people that live down the street have a lawn covered with yellow and red leaves. I mean covered! What do you suppose they would do if I knocked on their door and asked if I could rake their leaves so I can jump in them?
do you ever try to turn on a light when you walk into a room when the light is obviously already on?
Seems like things are so busy lately, but I can't really put my finger on the difference. I've been terrible about commenting...and even reading...this last week, sorry!

Hannah and I had a delightful time yesterday. :) We went to the mall, out for dinner, then to the show, and topped it off with Starbucks. Michael Flatley is amazing! But despite the incredible dancing, my favorite part was when he played the flute (did you know he was a concert flutist?). It was absolutely amazing! I discovered that you can get the soundtrack for Celtic Tiger, so I added it to my Amazon wish list. :)

At Starbucks Hannah got a pumpkin spice latte, so I did some experimenting this afternoon...mmm! Have an espresso machine? Add 1/8 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (I have a recipe for it if you don't have the spice on hand) and 1 Tablespoon sugar to your milk before heating it. At first I thought it would be very similar to the egg nog latte that I make, but it's not. Yay! Now I have two holiday coffee drinks. :)

Beautiful things # 10 11: Leaves dancing in the road.

Dancing leaves on the road
Brilliant blue of the Autumn sky
Sunshine glowing through the trees
Walking through piles of red and gold

I need to get a birthday card in the mail so that it makes it by the 31st...

I think I'm addicted to Bath and Body Works. I'm not telling you how many scents of shower gel we have in our shower.

And of course, Hailie's still cute.

Edit: haha! Less than half of you knew that an abattoir was a slaughterhouse! *snigger*
I just got carded at Wal*Mart buying spray paint. One associate said to the other, "Ask for ID, she doesn't look 18." I laughed. :D
I ate Chinese food for breakfast today. I've never done that before! I had a meeting to go to this morning at 10:00, and my coworkers and I decided to meet for lunch afterwords. I got up in just enough time to get the sleep off my face, dress and make some coffee before I left. So brunch was yummy. ;)

I'm getting that pollish feeling, so don't say I didn't warn you!

Hannah and I are getting excited about tomorrow night! I have the tickets all ready to print out, and Hannah has chosen Claim Jumper's for dinner...hmmm...what to wear...

Dad, mom and I watched Signs last night. It was just as freaky as the first time I saw it. :) I finally rented The Hitchhiker's Guide. I'll have to get off here and get some stuff done so I can watch it.

Someone jumped my hug counter! Thanks! :D


Oct. 20th, 2005 07:40 pm
This has been a Long Week. I'm not used to the evening shift, and I had it four days. I closed tonight, and will open tomorrow. That's getting off at 7:15 and starting up again at 6:30. Then I have a meeting on Saturday...I will not be staying up late tonight, no how.

I hadn't even been thinking about my Beautiful Things posts today, and I got hit by a few of them! *beams*

# 5: Fugues...there's something soothing about music that is predictable in a melodic way, especially if it is Bach.

# 6: Technology...being able to instantly connect with folks far away...

# 7: Hair might sound funny, but I think it's amazing that so many colors go into one person's 'real hair color'. Unless it's dyed, nobody has just one hair color. I have black, brown, red, white....

# 8: Unexpected mail from a Bookend! (well, expected is great too...)

# 9: Home and family. *happy sigh* I'm so blessed!

Seems like there should be lots of things to tell you that happened this week, but no. Just the normal stuff. I helped make bread this morning. I love kneading bread. I get to cut hair tomorrow...I think my brain is shutting down. :)

Good night!

Edit: I nearly forgot! # 10 Rainbird sprinklers...I don't know what it is, but that's got to be one of the most soothing sounds in the world...

SWS unite!

Oct. 19th, 2005 08:50 pm
To see what kind of a minority I am in...

[Poll #594309]
Going to work yesterday morning I discovered what others have discovered before me. It's fall! It was overcast, cool, and someone was burning leaves! *happy sigh* I love changing seasons!

588 comments from the last two weeks: )
Junk e-mail cracks me up sometimes. I got one this morning with a subject line of, "Can you call John on Thursday?"

Um, yeah. Sure.

Our computer network isn't quite working right. We can access files and everything like that, but we can't connect to the internet via the network. *sigh* Such trials.

Migraine's not gone, but it's barely there, which in my happy little mind amounts to the same thing right now.

And now? To work.
My subject line is from the music the kids are listening to. Fred's (12 1/2) even singing with it! Mr. I-like-to-pretend-that-emotions-don't-exist. I think it's quite funny. But I will restrain myself and not tease him...this time.

I keep meaning to say this and I keep forgetting. But [ profile] melyndie reminded me. Last week I got the funniest response when I answered the phone at work. I got through my, "Thank you for calling CART, this is Holly, how can I help you?" and there was a stunned moment of silence then, "You mean you exist??" I laughed. :) And today I was called Sally...

Why is it that Wal Mart workers are non existent when you need them? I was going to pick up a new deck of Phase Ten cards today, but the card games were moved, and though I walked through several departments, I couldn't find someone to help me.

Hilary took some really cute photos today of the kids. But I haven't fixed 'em up for posting, and I don't feel like doing it right now.

Greek food sounds Very Yummy to me right now.

I want to get a fish. I've never had a fish before.

Mom will comment about that last sentence, I'm sure.

I got my room all cleaned up Saturday. Sunday, Hailie knocked over a glass of water on my desk, so I had to spread papers, letters, cards receipts, notebooks, etc. on my floor. Oh well. At least they're a little more organized now.

Wal Mart saved me money today! They didn't have those Really Cute Shoes in my size.

I wish the UPS man would come. I want my new jeans!

Isn't my icon cool? I love Hailie little pony tails showing up in the shadow....and the fact that I'm actually taller than Hannah (who is five inches taller than me when we aren't shadows).

And then there was a dragon.
...just to show how down to earth I am not, here's what I did today.

I saw puffy white clouds on the top of a hill and pretended it was a mountain.

I saw a column of smoke above the trees, and thought it was a nice contrast to the blue sky.

I handled a gold dollar, and pretended I was rich.

I got one more book at the library to make my 'checked out items' up to a nice, even 124.

I thought about God and how unpredictable He is.
...just a random fact about myself. Here's another for you, I've listened clear through Handel's Messiah over a thousand times.

I just wanted to make a few comments about my last poll because I liked it so much, and because I can.

The Poem:
I liked this_is_warmthLana's the very best, but I liked others...Read more... )

They were all so good and funny though! Beware! I'll be doing this again. :)

I have to agree with melyndieMelinda about the shoes...I nearly made the number 12, not six. Just look at the interesting info I'd've missed out on!

I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who wishes to be a dragon or a turtle. Which are you?

I am definitely in a minority here!

I found out that my friarsladyMom had never thought of this question.

I am currently eating warm cherry pie and talking on the phone to my nephew, Dylan. Hilary is in the other room reading a book to the kids. It's called The Story of Holly and Ivy, and it's kind of weird to keep hearing my name.

I leave you with a quote from George MacDonald:
' .... The truth of the flower is, not the facts about it, be they correct as ideal science itself, but the shining, glowing, gladdening, patient thing throned on its stalk --- the compeller of smile and tear from child and prophet. ... '
Hello peoples. I like having you around, did you know that? A whole community of people at my fingertips.

I think it's fun to get carded. It's funny to watch the cashiers' faces while they're trying to decide if I'm older than 21 or not.

It's also fun to see peoples' reaction to the size of family we have. Yep.

I think this is my favorite Hailie icon. Which is yours?

And stuff.

Ok, I'll shut up, because I know you want to do this poll so badly.

P.S. With the poem, you don't have to end it at two lines if you don't want to. :)

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Sep. 23rd, 2005 05:54 pm
I want so badly just to get in the car and drive and drive. I don't need a destination, in fact I'd rather not have one...just a good car and a few roads.

Anybody else ever feel like this?



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