ksera05Sarah posted photos and an update of little Sydney. She's so tiny!
Update from [livejournal.com profile] ksera05 on her daughter Sydney

She's doing well. Every time we've gone to see her in the past day and a half she's been on her tummy in her "boppy" sleeping - she looks very peaceful. They've been working on turning her ventilator down again but today they spent the day turning her settings down and then when they took her blood gas at 5pm the levels weren't the greatest (not sure on the numbers) so they stopped weaning her. She's taking at least 30-60 breaths a minute on her own consistently, which means the ventilator is only doing about 15 a minute for her, which is considered to be rather good for a baby her age and size. Tonight they're going to put in a feeding tube, and after they check on the placement via x ray tomorrow they'll probably start giving her a (very minuscule) amount of breast milk. I'm rather surprised they're doing it this early, but it's nice to know I'm actually pumping for a cause. Hopefully she'll tolerate it.

Oh, and she now weighs 600 grams. Yay for weight gain.

Tomorrow, my friend/Keith's cousin Laura is coming down for the afternoon and she's going to take me to the NICU so I should get some quality sitting there time in. Then hopefully Keith will be able to come by after work and we can do dinner and spend more time with her. Hopefully it won't tax me too much, but I'm getting really tired of never seeing her...


Oct. 17th, 2005 09:49 am
If you think of it today, could you pray for me? I've had this migraine since Friday night, and though I can go to work with it, it's kind of stressful this week because I'm closing and therefore I can't leave early if it gets really nasty.
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 12:28 PM

Dear Friends and Family,

Just a quick update to thank you once again for praying for Antonia. God is faithful and has once again shown His mercy and love to us in answering yet another prayer.

In our last update we had asked for prayer for wisdom for Dean and the medical team in regards to Antonia's medications. About a week ago, Dean and Mary decided to take her off 2 of the medications she had been put on at the University of Washington. As noted in the last update, we had been feeling that perhaps they were doing more harm than good. She often seemed drowsy and possibly overmedicated. The doctors had said that it would just take time to get into her system. However, she continued to seem worse instead of better. Since she has been off the meds, there has been a significant change in her attitude and disposition. As a matter of fact, they noticed the change almost immediately. Her worst day OFF the medications has been better than her BEST day ON the medications. As a result of this more positive attitude and disposition, she has been doing better in all other areas - eating, sleeping, therapy, communicating, etc.

It has also been mentioned by one of her therapists that she is almost, if not completely, past the level in her recovery that has been so characterized by anger. This has been a specific area of prayer for many months and we are so thankful to God for this.

Thanking our God,

Gina (on behalf of Dean)



Sep. 21st, 2005 07:18 pm
She only got a temporary cap to make sure that the abscess drains and heals completely...she had gangrene in there. :P Please keep her in your prayers. The deadening'll wear off soon.
Heidi went to the ER last night because the pain was so intense. And she's a tough thing about pain. Her appt. is in about an hour.
I guess there is an advantage to being so tired that you go to bed at 8:30...it's not nearly as difficult to arise at 4:30.

I've got a few prayer requests, if you wouldn't mind sharing the burden with me )

And for the commenty people of the week )

And now I shall leave you to the rest of your morning sleep. Enjoy it while you can! *evil laugh*
We just found out a couple days ago that my cousin, Josh, who is in the Coast Guard is currently down in New Orleans. If you think of it when praying for the workers there, please add his name to your list. Thanks.



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