First of all, break out the Gershwin cds and listen in honor of his 107th birthday! Yay for jazz!

Second of all, I'd like to share a heart-warming's not really heart-warming, but it was fun. :) I was sitting in the office today, and the door to outside was open and my boss was standing in the doorway. I suddenly smelled rain and commented, "Oh. I smell rain!" My boss gave me a funny look and asked me what I meant. I told him that it was either going to rain in a few minutes, or that it was raining somewhere in the neighborhood because I could smell it. He didn't believe me. About three minutes later he went outside to talk to someone, and I heard a startled, "Holly! it's raining!" *smug look*

Third of all, I'd like to comment on my little poll about nativity. I like what Wikipedia said. It's where you spend the most of your childhood. Because really, what if you're born while your folks were traveling, and never entered that state again your whole life? So, despite the fact that I was born in Idaho, I think I'm a native of Washington. There. And for the folks who commented about home being where the heart is, I agree. But I wasn't talking about home, but nativity. :)

Fourth of all, I memorized I Peter 1:1-2 today. :) It was cool to have the Word going through my head as I began work...more relaxing, I think.

And fifth and finally (because Hailie really wants me to "get her a bath"), I leave you with some George MacDonald again:

' ... Things can never be really possessed by the man who cannot do without them --- who would not be absolutely, divinely content in the consciousness that the cause of his being is within it --- and with him. I would not be misunderstood. No man can have the consciousness of God with him and not be content; I mean that no man who has not the Father so as to be eternally content in him alone, can possess a sunset or a field of grass or a mine of gold or the love of a fellow-creature according to its nature ---as God would have him possess it --- in the eternal way of inheriting, having, and holding. He who has God, has all things, after the fashion in which he who made them has them. To man, woman, and child, I say --- if you are not content, it is because God is not with you as you need him, not with you as he would be with you, as you must have him; for you need him as your body never needed food or air, need him as your soul never hungered after joy, or peace, or pleasure ... '
I decided on First Peter. I know, no one suggested it, but I do have a method for my madness. I knew there was an epistle well marked in my old Bible, but I keep said Bible in my car, and never remembered to look when I was out there. So, today on my break, I looked, and it was First Peter. I'll be writing it out on 3x5 cards and keeping them in my is a great time to memorize, even if you're only driving ten minutes.

I've gotten quite a bit ready for my Tastefully Simple party on Saturday. I hope to get a couple parties booked...we'll see. I'll have to work on that aspect a little better this time. I'm actually getting a little excited about the party, which is a good thing.

One of the kids ordered a Frank Sinatra cd from the library, and I must admit that I love the crooners. There's just such an endearing quality about songs that talk about "that laugh that wrinkles your nose" and "Let me see what spring is like/On Jupiter and Mars/In other words hold my hand". And there are I Get a Kick Out of You and The Best is Yet to Come....yeah, they're sweet songs. :)

New Hailie icon can't see them in the small pic, but them are real tears. It made her stop crying though. :)

I want to go see Flightplan...anyone wanna come with me?

I like getting emails. ;)

My boss is like a mother. He can't quite remember that we know how to do our jobs, even though we don't ever forget. He makes us grin at his silly reminders.

My bread was just as fabulous as ever...mmmm!

How funny is it that my sister was fixing nearly the same meal for dinner tonight as we were?

Heidi's feeling much better, though the morphine she's high on helps, I'm sure.

I love it when Hilary sits down and just plays and plays on the piano. It's so relaxing. She's been practicing (hint, hint, Hilary!) The Holy City and The Lord's Prayer so that I can sing with her. Funness.

Ok, here I go, ziiiip! *poof* she's gone!
From my earlier list I've:

Maybe get a car wash so that it will rain

Get my tires checked

Wow, that looks pathetic! But then I also worked from 6:30 to 12:00, so that's got to count for something. I've started on my room though, I found that I still do have a desktop, and now have room for my feet under my desk once again. :)

I haven't decided yet on a Scripture passage to memorize yet, I'm thinking along epistle lines. Philippians was suggested, anyone else have a passage that has really meant a lot to them, either because of putting it to memory, or just reading it a lot?

I got Casting Crowns' new album, Lifesong today!

And just for the record...I don't know what it is with me and cars, but as many times as I fuel it, or look under the hood, I can never remember what side of the car the gas cap is on, or where in the world the latch is under the hood. Is this a girl thing?

Ok, I should stop procrastinating....



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