...here's a list of people who have made me smile today (in no particular order):

  • Hailie
  • Danielle
  • my mom
  • Heidi
  • myself (what can I say? I do make myself smile!)
  • Bryan
  • Susan
  • my boss' wife
  • Melinda
  • Cathy (my supervisor)
  • Tash
  • Bob (my coworker)
  • Rita
  • Hilary
  • my Grandma
  • Jeeks (my librarian)
  • Jessica
  • Cinderella

...and here are some things that made me smile today (in no particular order):

  • hearing You've Got a Friend on the radio
  • seeing a cloud of dust above some trees
  • a cute little VW that I'm sure my car swerved towards on it's own accord
  • the exhaust plumes from a semi
  • getting Cinderella undies for Hailie at Wal Mart ;)
  • feeling a bulge in a tire the size of a small cantaloupe...I know it's a dangerous thing and expensive, but it was cool anyway
  • my post from last night that now has nearly 90 comments
  • my hug meter that keeps suspiciously jumping
  • listening to Chicago
  • the Fast 20 Random Things ;) and the fact that I'm the fastest so far
  • the sound of tires on gravel
  • my local library
  • thinking about singing The Holy City
  • getting Cinderella chapstick for Hailie (or lip-stacks, as she calls it)
  • emails
  • livejournal
  • the wind and sun in my hair as I pretended to drive 70 mph
  • a couple of Very Cute babies

I already did this, but hey, it's not every day I get tagged for something.

Please tell us 20 random things about yourselves. Keep track of how many minutes you take, and tag that many people to perform this exercise themselves.

I'm wearing a red shirt
I'm wearing blue jeans
My cell phone is on
It's sitting next to my computer
my room is a mess
I have clean clothes to put away
my sisters are watching "it's a wonderful life"
I'm listening to New Order
I have 67 icons out of 100 so far
my sister made bread today
my mom made cookies today
I rarely wear jewlery
I like to sit cross legged
my car's odometer doesn't work
I love my hair
Jessica is Very Cool
I love the names Margaret and Paul
I ate roast beef for dinner
I can't swim very well
my camera has two photos on the memory card

That took me two minutes. I tag [livejournal.com profile] moredetails and [livejournal.com profile] beth3070 because I got comments from them last.



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