The kids are watching The Fellowship of the Ring, and Hailie keeps checking to see if it's "a good part"...i.e. not scary. When the boys tell her it is, she says, "Oh! Thanks!"

You know I told you about Hilary and I and the banana bread? I decided to make a family favorite for dinner, Onion Lover's Twist (a dinner bread) this afternoon. I had just started on it when Hilary comes in the kitchen and says, "Holly, is there time to make....oh!" I think we're like twins or something...eleven years apart. :)

Fallon had a downpour today! It was like raining cats and dogs....for Nevada. I, personally would call it an inconsistent drizzle...but it was moisture from the sky, and smelled wonderfully.

Part of the show on Sunday evening was a slide show of American Irish, and there were intermittent cheers for different people, but you should've heard the crowd erupt when they showed a picture of a bottle of Guinness...

Beautiful Things # 12 Rain! I think it's my favorite weather hands down.
# 13 God giving an intense awareness of His blessings and gifts. I feel like I'm always aware of everything I have coming from Him, but sometimes it just hits so hard I'm quite overwhelmed.
# 14 Little children's fingers. Their chubby dimpledness is so charming!..but then I'm a fan of hands in the first place...

I kind of feel bad that a birthday gift for *whispers* mairesue will be late, but just makes her birthday last longer, right? ;)

I can't believe it's November next week. Ch.

Yay for Nevada Day! I get paid to stay home from work tomorrow.

The end.

P.S. [Poll #599755]
P.P.S. Thank you, you Sweetie whoever you are, who gave me another hug...
I ate Chinese food for breakfast today. I've never done that before! I had a meeting to go to this morning at 10:00, and my coworkers and I decided to meet for lunch afterwords. I got up in just enough time to get the sleep off my face, dress and make some coffee before I left. So brunch was yummy. ;)

I'm getting that pollish feeling, so don't say I didn't warn you!

Hannah and I are getting excited about tomorrow night! I have the tickets all ready to print out, and Hannah has chosen Claim Jumper's for dinner...hmmm...what to wear...

Dad, mom and I watched Signs last night. It was just as freaky as the first time I saw it. :) I finally rented The Hitchhiker's Guide. I'll have to get off here and get some stuff done so I can watch it.

Someone jumped my hug counter! Thanks! :D
I have marvelous friends. Thank you all for your encouraging response to my last post. I fought with myself last night, desiring to delete it, and not expose myself like that. God is so very good to me.

My hug meter has been going crazy lately, and I keep getting fun anonymous text messages. :D Sweet.
:D four more hugs! :D

read the icon, friend!
Hailie just walked into my room carrying a stuffed dog and a ribbon. She asked if I would tie the ribbon on the dog. I asked her, "Like a leash?" She said, "No, like a doggy holder."

Look for Hailie phone post coming to your neighborhood friends list soon!

OOh! someone gave me three hugs! :D Thank you, Sweetness!
I got the extra userpics. :D

Edit: Ok, now to go through my Hailie pics and see what else I can use....she makes for great icons.

Oh, and thanks for the hug someone! That was sweet.



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