Aug. 10th, 2006 09:06 am
It's really funny to hear a four year old crooning, "Take my lips and give me yours... "

I have twenty days to be completely packed and ready to move. That means I'm going to need to figure out what I'm going to want with me in the next couple months that will not be shipped.

It's unreal to look at our registry and see things have been purchased.

But then the thought of being married isn't unreal in the least.

Sometimes the thought of the responsibilities of being a wife and someday a mother is overwhelming.

People have expectations. Even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

According to the girls in Sense and Sensibility, once you reach the old age of twenty-seven, you'll never fall in love. It's a good thing I met Bryan before my birthday last year. He does a pretty good job of pretending since he was already so old.

It doesn't help my vanity any to have Hilary and Hannah both comment on how much better they like my hair this way. I think I like my hair too much.

I'm glad we can access our library accounts online. It makes things easier and more convenient.

Lara and David are getting married in two days, folks!

Our neighbours borrowed our crib for their visiting granddaughter. Finn wanted to know if they were going to have a baby.

I love surprises.

Less than 500 hours until I see Bryan again. That makes me happy.
*silly grin* I forgot how Very Curly my hair gets when I blow-dry it. Dad mentioned a finger in a light socket...

Hailie had a conversation with her reflection in the soup pot at dinner last night. They didn't completely agree on all issues, but they were amiable.

My week feels longer, I have to work tomorrow.

Today is my nephew, Harrison's second birthday. He was born eight weeks early, and has far exceeded expectations in growth and health. You'd never guess he was a preemie. Heather asked him yesterday if he was Harrison Cian Teilborg, and he replied, "No! Harrison Birthday!" ;) See? Cuteness just runs in the family.

I have a request for you who read...*points* This means you!! I love being able to think of someone by their name instead of their LJ username. If you could take just a moment to comment with your name, I'd appreciate it. Looking over my FL recently I realized that there were quite a few that I couldn't name. :P

Ok...gotta get that frost off my windshield...
And the top ten are:

4. [ profile] 617 - 27
2. [ profile] angelic_1 - 32
7. [ profile] blackswans - 20
8. [ profile] krikketgirl - 16
3. [ profile] mairesue - 31
1. [ profile] melyndie - 37
4. [ profile] moredetails - 27
6. [ profile] saint_magenta - 21
5. [ profile] singersdd - 22
6. [ profile] this_is_warmth - 21

And I just need to make sure everyone knows how cool [ profile] melyndie is. Not only is her favorite color green, but she also knows about The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Yep. She's one amazing gal.

Every time my grandma sees my mom, she says something about how mom's hair looks like it's getting darker (mom calls her hair dark brown, I call it black), and then proceeds to explain that your hair gets darker just before it turns white. She's been saying this for years now. Well. My hair is getting darker. You know how you lose hair every day? I keep finding more and more black hair, and it's really weird. So when I told mom, she grinned and said that it's probably getting ready to turn white. ;)

Well, I bit the bullet. I started to tag my entries. I didn't really think it worth the time until I was able to see all of Hailie's quote posts in one spot (up to now, those are the only ones I had tagged)...and I was impressed.

Seeing as it is only supposed to be 28 degrees when I leave for work today, and after a short (five hour) day only 56 when I get off (and also because our office tends toward the chilly side)...I'm wearing a turtleneck to work. The first of the season. :)

I need to clean out the tubes (I guess that's what you'd call them) that go to my windshield washer. It doesn't like to squirt on the passenger side, only smear.

I have the most terrible time spelling nessecary nesisary yeah. I can't ever remember. But is it really nessesary?

I leave you once again with George MacDonald:

Thou workest perfectly. And if it seem
Some things are not so well, 'tis but because
They are too loving-deep, too lofty-wise,
For me, poor child, to understand their laws:
My highest wisdom half is but a dream;
My love runs helpless like a falling stream:
Thy good embraces ill, and lo! its illness dies!

Sing and dance....if you dare!


Sep. 21st, 2005 08:22 pm
why is it that I don't find it strange to find a white hair (in my head, my little literal readers), but find it extremely odd to find a jet black hair?

why is it that sometimes I can really smell my Meadow Mist Yankee candle tea lights that are on my dresser, and sometimes can't smell them at all?

I was looking today at some photos of me when I was a little chubby bundle of cuteness, and in an album given me by my Grandma Betty, I found a poem that my grandpa wrote for me for my seventh birthday (eep...twenty years ago!). It's in his handwriting too, which makes it even more sweet and precious (he died three years ago):

There is a little girl of a very special kind
As sweet a little girl as you'll probably ever find
She loves to have a lot of fun with book, and pen and toy
Yes that special little girl is named Holly Joy
When she comes down to see us we want her to know
She is very special and we really love her so
She is busy in the morning and busy the whole day through
And she really keeps agoing as there's so much to do
So always keep on smiling and read much from God's Word
And you'll always be happy as you lean upon the Lord.

--Clarence Tucker
July, 1985

and...a couple more Hailie pics... )


Sep. 14th, 2005 05:24 pm
Well, by the grace of God, I don't have a party until next Saturday. This is a Very Good Thing, since a coworker unwillingly shared a little bug with me....hopefully it'll leave quickly, and nobody at home will get it. I'm also thankful that my last two days of work (and this one also) are short days.

I am really looking forward to starting The Great Divorce this evening. [ profile] mairesue and I are going to be reading it together...Yay!

I don't see how someone can loose the 'quota' of hair a day (100, isn't it?) and still have thick hair. I figure I definitely lose at least that much. Aren't you glad I told you? Maybe if I kept my hands out of my hair....heh...that'll be the day.

Just because you have a bugle doesn't mean you know how to play it.

Those roses mom cut for me a few weeks ago dried in the little pitcher, and are just as lovely as they were fresh.

I haven't done the comment thing for a couple maybe I'll be different and list everyone who had four or more...back here, of course! )

So you see why I thought I should start with 4?

My paid account expires next week...I'm seriously considering getting extra pics when I renew, which is funny, because I never thought I would. :) What can I say. I've been bitten by the, the LJ bug...



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