Aug. 10th, 2006 09:06 am
It's really funny to hear a four year old crooning, "Take my lips and give me yours... "

I have twenty days to be completely packed and ready to move. That means I'm going to need to figure out what I'm going to want with me in the next couple months that will not be shipped.

It's unreal to look at our registry and see things have been purchased.

But then the thought of being married isn't unreal in the least.

Sometimes the thought of the responsibilities of being a wife and someday a mother is overwhelming.

People have expectations. Even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

According to the girls in Sense and Sensibility, once you reach the old age of twenty-seven, you'll never fall in love. It's a good thing I met Bryan before my birthday last year. He does a pretty good job of pretending since he was already so old.

It doesn't help my vanity any to have Hilary and Hannah both comment on how much better they like my hair this way. I think I like my hair too much.

I'm glad we can access our library accounts online. It makes things easier and more convenient.

Lara and David are getting married in two days, folks!

Our neighbours borrowed our crib for their visiting granddaughter. Finn wanted to know if they were going to have a baby.

I love surprises.

Less than 500 hours until I see Bryan again. That makes me happy.
Envision Holly, putting stickers on Finn's Lego that he got for his birthday with Freeman, Finn and Hailie watching with rapt attention. Finn is careful to show Holly where each piece goes, despite the fact that the instructions are right in front of her.

Holly: "Honey, I can see where they go."

Hailie: "Holly! You just called Finn a girl!"

Holly: "Honey isn't just for girls."

Freeman: "Heather calls Isaac, Honey."

Finn: "Mama calls Daddy, Honey."

Freeman: "Holly could call Bryan, Honey."

Hailie: "I call my husband Honey!"

Holly: "Oh, you have a husband?"

Hailie: "Yes! I got married! Didn't you know?"

Holly: "No, I didn't. Where is he?"

Hailie: "He's at my house taking care of my children."
Hailie: "Oh Holly! I thought last night while I was asleep that my jumping rope could be stolen by a burgler!"

Holly: "Do you even know what a burgler is?"

Hailie: "Yeah, remember in... Oh, Freeman told me, it's a guy who comes and steals stuff. It's a good thing our door was locked!"

Holly (thinking about all the times toys get left out and of Someone who has the habit of forgetting her keys in the ignition): "Well, we don't have burglers around our house."

Hailie: "Yeah, they're all in Africa! That's what they said in my dream."

Whereas I didn't dream about burglers, but being one of the principle parties in a wedding, and everyone changing clothes before the photographs have been taken. Totally not happening!

Bryan is leaving in three weeks!
Hailie's playing with my toes.

As Hailie says, "Be. Careful. Holly. Might. Be. Grumpy."
In devotions tonight:

"Dear Jesus, help all your children and Mommy and Daddy and Hailie to feel your angels around them protecting them. Amen."
I called home during a break this morning to talk to Hailie. I put my cell phone on speakerphone so the ladies in the office could hear.

Holly: How do you like the snow?
Hailie: It snowed!
Holly: Have you played in it yet?
Hailie: Mom won't let me.
Holly: Will you play in it with the boys this afternoon?
Hailie: It will all be melted by then.
Holly, thinking of her co-workers: You're an optimist.
Hailie: A what??
Holly: An optimist.
Hailie, incredulous: I'm an ostrich??
Holly, as her co-workers laugh: No, an op ti mist.
Hailie: Oh. I don't know that word. I'm done now.


Oct. 30th, 2005 04:49 pm
From my walk Friday...
Autumn colors...trees, of course! )

Some photos Hilary took today for my Grandma...
Hailie 'n' Me )
Hailie climbed up into her chair at the dinner table and announced, "When I'm bigger, I'm going to drink Holly's MARTINI!"


Oct. 22nd, 2005 06:07 pm
Fred at a manly "almost 13" doesn't like to be called cute, though we have every reason to do so! ;)
Hailie has picked up on this, and this evening she came running into the kitchen saying, "save me! save me! there's a snake chasing me!" she paused a minute and clarified, "a cute snake!" We all knew who was chasing her...there then followed a friendly banter between them, Fred telling Hailie she was funny, and Hailie saying he was cute.

Who needs television?
Whoo-hoo! Hilary said that she can help me make cookies! First we put in the eggs. Hilary tells me to give it two bangs on the bowl, then put my thumbs in and pry it open, she even shows me with one. I think it would work better if I banged it five or six times. Oops! It opened and fell into the bowl!

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? )
She was just here in my room with me, jumping off my bed. She then comes over to me, picks up my shoes and says, "I won't get hurt if I jump in your shoes." I told her that she didn't need to jump in my shoes, and she replied, "but they're so snuggly!"
My subject line is from the music the kids are listening to. Fred's (12 1/2) even singing with it! Mr. I-like-to-pretend-that-emotions-don't-exist. I think it's quite funny. But I will restrain myself and not tease him...this time.

I keep meaning to say this and I keep forgetting. But [ profile] melyndie reminded me. Last week I got the funniest response when I answered the phone at work. I got through my, "Thank you for calling CART, this is Holly, how can I help you?" and there was a stunned moment of silence then, "You mean you exist??" I laughed. :) And today I was called Sally...

Why is it that Wal Mart workers are non existent when you need them? I was going to pick up a new deck of Phase Ten cards today, but the card games were moved, and though I walked through several departments, I couldn't find someone to help me.

Hilary took some really cute photos today of the kids. But I haven't fixed 'em up for posting, and I don't feel like doing it right now.

Greek food sounds Very Yummy to me right now.

I want to get a fish. I've never had a fish before.

Mom will comment about that last sentence, I'm sure.

I got my room all cleaned up Saturday. Sunday, Hailie knocked over a glass of water on my desk, so I had to spread papers, letters, cards receipts, notebooks, etc. on my floor. Oh well. At least they're a little more organized now.

Wal Mart saved me money today! They didn't have those Really Cute Shoes in my size.

I wish the UPS man would come. I want my new jeans!

Isn't my icon cool? I love Hailie little pony tails showing up in the shadow....and the fact that I'm actually taller than Hannah (who is five inches taller than me when we aren't shadows).

And then there was a dragon.
I was putting Hailie's shirt on this morning, and the neck of the shirt was a little snug. When her head popped through I asked, "where did you come from?!" Her immediate response? "China!"

:) I like my new icon.
Hailie, Hannah and I just went for a short walk. We were walking along quietly and I asked Hailie what she was thinking. She immediately responded in a matter of fact voice, "I was thinking about having my birthday again."

We were talking about Church tomorrow, and she was listing different things we do in Church..."sing, eat, pray, sing, talk and pick up cups!" [meaning the communion cups] So I asked her what her favorite part of Church was, and she said, "I like Pink and Blue ones best, but I haven't ever seen them."

We saw some pretty, red leaves, and Hailie asked who made the leaves, and I told her God did. She asked what God, and I told her the Creator of the universe and our Savior. She asked who our Savior was, and I told her Jesus. She then said, "Jesus sees us and is saving us!"

now for some Hailie cuteness of another kind... )
Hailie was brushing her teeth last night, and I fluttered my eyes at her in the mirror. She tried to do it back and then asked, "Holly, can you make my eyes do that??"

I came up behind her when she was sitting at the table and kissed the top of her head. She emitted a startled, "Hey!" I looked at her and said, "What?! I was just kissing you!" She said, "Oh. ok." and turned her little face up to kiss me back. *happy sigh*

A Joke
A blond was sitting at a bar sobbing as if her heart would break. A man came in and sat next to her and felt really bad for her. He asked what was wrong, and she said that she saw on the news that in an accident 12 Brazilians were killed. He was a bit confused, but tried to comfort her anyway. She finally calmed down, and they were talking a bit, and she asked him, Read more... )

I apologize for not posting this yesterday, I don't normally work on Fridays so I kept thinking that it was Thursday. :P For those of you who are new, I have a small group of people who desire to pray for each other and you. The poll is only viewable to myself, and in the filtered post those requests/praises that you have asked not to be shared are posted as unspoken requests/praises. I take such a delight in being able to share your burdens and joys by bringing you to my God.

[Poll #586053]

Random Thought
I wonder who invented the match. I'm very happy about it. I'd hate to have to rub sticks together every time I wanted to light a candle.
*silly grin* I forgot how Very Curly my hair gets when I blow-dry it. Dad mentioned a finger in a light socket...

Hailie had a conversation with her reflection in the soup pot at dinner last night. They didn't completely agree on all issues, but they were amiable.

My week feels longer, I have to work tomorrow.

Today is my nephew, Harrison's second birthday. He was born eight weeks early, and has far exceeded expectations in growth and health. You'd never guess he was a preemie. Heather asked him yesterday if he was Harrison Cian Teilborg, and he replied, "No! Harrison Birthday!" ;) See? Cuteness just runs in the family.

I have a request for you who read...*points* This means you!! I love being able to think of someone by their name instead of their LJ username. If you could take just a moment to comment with your name, I'd appreciate it. Looking over my FL recently I realized that there were quite a few that I couldn't name. :P

Ok...gotta get that frost off my windshield...



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