"...the Father is every moment watching his child. If he were not constantly pardoning and punishing our sins, what would become of us! We must learn to trust him about our faults as much as about everything else!"

~ George MacDonald


Oct. 28th, 2005 09:10 pm
First, a quote from (who else!) George MacDonald:
"All that is not rooted in him, all hope or joy that does not turn its face upward, is an idolatry. Our prayers must rise that our thoughts may follow them."

Since I had today off, and no particular plans, I took a walk...4.5 miles...nice.

While walking I...

  • saw some pretty ducks

  • was barked at by five dogs (two of whom were so fierce they didn't even bother to get up)

  • thought about how much I love trees

  • thought about communication and how silly I was to be frustrated at our ISP being down for a day (thankfully it wasn't a whole day though)

  • saw the sun reflected in the irrigation ditch and mused on the Son's reflection even in dirty water

  • was glad when the sun went behind some clouds because it was making me sneeze

  • thought about how nice it was to live in a small community where when you walk by folks working in their yards wave and say 'hi' and you don't have to be nervous about the people that stop and ask if you need a lift

  • saw some tow-headed tots who were delighted to holler out a greeting and wave vigorously

  • thought about how when I walk it seems as if time stops and I could just keep walking forever

  • decided that the folks least likely to move over to the middle of the road for pedestrians are young men and old ladies

  • realized with delight that a waterfall sounds just as beautiful even if it's just a small, utilitarian dam in a irrigation ditch

  • worked very hard at getting "Waltzing Matilda" out of my head

Share your burdens and joys!

[Poll #600689]
...who I'd like to venture to make # 15 on my Beautiful Things list...

' ... Now I come to it. God, knowing our needs, built our house for our needs --- not as one man may build for another, but as no man can build for himself. For our comfort, education, training, he has put into form for us all the otherwise hidden thoughts and feelings of our heart. Even when he speaks of the hidden things of the Spirit of God, he uses the forms or pictures of Nature. The world is, as it were, the human, unseen world turned inside out that we may see it. On the walls of the house that he has built for us, God has hung up the pictures --- ever living, ever changing pictures --- of all that passes in our souls. ... '

'The Seaboard Parish'

No place on earth henceforth I shall count strange,
For every place belongeth to my Christ.
I will go calm where'er thou bid'st me range;
Whoe'er my neighbour, thou art still my nighest.
Oh my heart's Life, my owner, will of my being!
Into my soul thou every moment diest,
In thee my life thus evermore decreeing.

'A Book of Strife in the form of the Diary of an Old Soul'
'Little ones, no ill can chance;
Fear ye not, but sing and dance;
Though the high-heaved heaven should fall
God is plenty for us all
God is Love and Strength!'
And the top ten are:

4. [livejournal.com profile] 617 - 27
2. [livejournal.com profile] angelic_1 - 32
7. [livejournal.com profile] blackswans - 20
8. [livejournal.com profile] krikketgirl - 16
3. [livejournal.com profile] mairesue - 31
1. [livejournal.com profile] melyndie - 37
4. [livejournal.com profile] moredetails - 27
6. [livejournal.com profile] saint_magenta - 21
5. [livejournal.com profile] singersdd - 22
6. [livejournal.com profile] this_is_warmth - 21

And I just need to make sure everyone knows how cool [livejournal.com profile] melyndie is. Not only is her favorite color green, but she also knows about The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Yep. She's one amazing gal.

Every time my grandma sees my mom, she says something about how mom's hair looks like it's getting darker (mom calls her hair dark brown, I call it black), and then proceeds to explain that your hair gets darker just before it turns white. She's been saying this for years now. Well. My hair is getting darker. You know how you lose hair every day? I keep finding more and more black hair, and it's really weird. So when I told mom, she grinned and said that it's probably getting ready to turn white. ;)

Well, I bit the bullet. I started to tag my entries. I didn't really think it worth the time until I was able to see all of Hailie's quote posts in one spot (up to now, those are the only ones I had tagged)...and I was impressed.

Seeing as it is only supposed to be 28 degrees when I leave for work today, and after a short (five hour) day only 56 when I get off (and also because our office tends toward the chilly side)...I'm wearing a turtleneck to work. The first of the season. :)

I need to clean out the tubes (I guess that's what you'd call them) that go to my windshield washer. It doesn't like to squirt on the passenger side, only smear.

I have the most terrible time spelling nessecary nesisary necissary...um yeah. I can't ever remember. But is it really nessesary?

I leave you once again with George MacDonald:

Thou workest perfectly. And if it seem
Some things are not so well, 'tis but because
They are too loving-deep, too lofty-wise,
For me, poor child, to understand their laws:
My highest wisdom half is but a dream;
My love runs helpless like a falling stream:
Thy good embraces ill, and lo! its illness dies!

Sing and dance....if you dare!
*singsong* I have another niece! Rick has made me an honorary aunt! I am so happy! :D


The cuteness that is Kyrie.

And thank you, Nan, for this quote. It was perfect for me yesterday.

' ... there is a communion with God that asks for nothing, yet asks for everything... And he who seeks the Father more than anything He can give, is likely to have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss. ... '

' ... There are moods of such satisfaction in God that a man may feel as if nothing were left to pray for, as if he had but to wait with patience for what the Lord would work; there are moods of such hungering desire, that petition is crushed into an inarticulate crying; and there is a communion with God that asks for nothing, yet asks for everything. This last is the very essence of prayer, though not petition. It is possible for a man, not indeed to believe in God, but to believe that there is a God, and yet not desire to enter into communion with him; but he that prays and does not faint will come to recognize that to talk with God is more than to have all prayers granted - that it is the end of all prayer, granted or refused. And he who seeks the Father more than anything he can give, is likely to have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss. ... '

-George MacDonald
First of all, break out the Gershwin cds and listen in honor of his 107th birthday! Yay for jazz!

Second of all, I'd like to share a heart-warming story...well...it's not really heart-warming, but it was fun. :) I was sitting in the office today, and the door to outside was open and my boss was standing in the doorway. I suddenly smelled rain and commented, "Oh. I smell rain!" My boss gave me a funny look and asked me what I meant. I told him that it was either going to rain in a few minutes, or that it was raining somewhere in the neighborhood because I could smell it. He didn't believe me. About three minutes later he went outside to talk to someone, and I heard a startled, "Holly! it's raining!" *smug look*

Third of all, I'd like to comment on my little poll about nativity. I like what Wikipedia said. It's where you spend the most of your childhood. Because really, what if you're born while your folks were traveling, and never entered that state again your whole life? So, despite the fact that I was born in Idaho, I think I'm a native of Washington. There. And for the folks who commented about home being where the heart is, I agree. But I wasn't talking about home, but nativity. :)

Fourth of all, I memorized I Peter 1:1-2 today. :) It was cool to have the Word going through my head as I began work...more relaxing, I think.

And fifth and finally (because Hailie really wants me to "get her a bath"), I leave you with some George MacDonald again:

' ... Things can never be really possessed by the man who cannot do without them --- who would not be absolutely, divinely content in the consciousness that the cause of his being is within it --- and with him. I would not be misunderstood. No man can have the consciousness of God with him and not be content; I mean that no man who has not the Father so as to be eternally content in him alone, can possess a sunset or a field of grass or a mine of gold or the love of a fellow-creature according to its nature ---as God would have him possess it --- in the eternal way of inheriting, having, and holding. He who has God, has all things, after the fashion in which he who made them has them. To man, woman, and child, I say --- if you are not content, it is because God is not with you as you need him, not with you as he would be with you, as you must have him; for you need him as your body never needed food or air, need him as your soul never hungered after joy, or peace, or pleasure ... '
...just a random fact about myself. Here's another for you, I've listened clear through Handel's Messiah over a thousand times.

I just wanted to make a few comments about my last poll because I liked it so much, and because I can.

The Poem:
I liked this_is_warmthLana's the very best, but I liked others...Read more... )

They were all so good and funny though! Beware! I'll be doing this again. :)

I have to agree with melyndieMelinda about the shoes...I nearly made the number 12, not six. Just look at the interesting info I'd've missed out on!

I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who wishes to be a dragon or a turtle. Which are you?

I am definitely in a minority here!

I found out that my friarsladyMom had never thought of this question.

I am currently eating warm cherry pie and talking on the phone to my nephew, Dylan. Hilary is in the other room reading a book to the kids. It's called The Story of Holly and Ivy, and it's kind of weird to keep hearing my name.

I leave you with a quote from George MacDonald:
' .... The truth of the flower is, not the facts about it, be they correct as ideal science itself, but the shining, glowing, gladdening, patient thing throned on its stalk --- the compeller of smile and tear from child and prophet. ... '
I enjoyed this...no stuffed shirt theologians for me, no huh!

' ... I wonder how many Christians there are who so thoroughly believe God made them that they can laugh in God's name; who understand that God invented laughter and gave it to his children. Such belief would add a keenness to the zest in their enjoyment, and slay that sneering laughter of which a man grimaces to the fiends, as well as that feeble laughter in which neither heart nor intellect has a share. It would help them also to understand the depth of this miracle. The Lord of gladness delights in the laughter of a merry heart. ... '

George MacDonald
' Act-truth is infinitely more than fact-truth; the love of the truth infinitely beyond the knowledge of it. ... '

George MacDonald

[Poll #571975]
All things are shadows of thee, Lord;
The sun himself is but thy shade;
My spirit is the shadow of thy word,
Thy candle sun-bedayed!

Diamonds are shadows of the sun;
They gleam as after him they hark.
My soul some arrows of thy light hath won,
And round me slays the dark!

All knowledge is but broken shades ---
In gulfs of dark a wandering horde
Together rush the parted glory-grades ---
And lo, thy garment, Lord!

My soul, the shadow, still is light,
Because the shadow falls from thee;
I turn, dull candle, to the centre bright,
And home flit shadowy.

Shine, shine; make me thy shadow still ---
The brighter still the more thy shade;
My motion be thy lovely moveless will!
My darkness, light delayed!

--George MacDonald


Sep. 14th, 2005 08:31 pm
'...The so-called special providences are no exception to the rule...they are common to all men at all moments. But it is a fact that God's care is more evident in some instances of it than in others to the dim and often bewildered vision of humanity. Upon such instances men seize and call them providences. It is well that they can; but it would be gloriously better if they could believe that the whole matter is one grand providence...'

George MacDonald
Things go not wrong when sudden I fall prone,
But when I snatch my upheld hand from Thine,
And, proud or careless, think to walk alone.
Then things go wrong, when I, poor, silly sheep,
To shelves and pits from the good pasture creep;
Not when the shepherd leaves the ninety and nine,
And to the mountains goes, after the foolish one.

George MacDonald



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