Aug. 10th, 2006 09:06 am
It's really funny to hear a four year old crooning, "Take my lips and give me yours... "

I have twenty days to be completely packed and ready to move. That means I'm going to need to figure out what I'm going to want with me in the next couple months that will not be shipped.

It's unreal to look at our registry and see things have been purchased.

But then the thought of being married isn't unreal in the least.

Sometimes the thought of the responsibilities of being a wife and someday a mother is overwhelming.

People have expectations. Even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

According to the girls in Sense and Sensibility, once you reach the old age of twenty-seven, you'll never fall in love. It's a good thing I met Bryan before my birthday last year. He does a pretty good job of pretending since he was already so old.

It doesn't help my vanity any to have Hilary and Hannah both comment on how much better they like my hair this way. I think I like my hair too much.

I'm glad we can access our library accounts online. It makes things easier and more convenient.

Lara and David are getting married in two days, folks!

Our neighbours borrowed our crib for their visiting granddaughter. Finn wanted to know if they were going to have a baby.

I love surprises.

Less than 500 hours until I see Bryan again. That makes me happy.
Hailie: "Oh Holly! I thought last night while I was asleep that my jumping rope could be stolen by a burgler!"

Holly: "Do you even know what a burgler is?"

Hailie: "Yeah, remember in... Oh, Freeman told me, it's a guy who comes and steals stuff. It's a good thing our door was locked!"

Holly (thinking about all the times toys get left out and of Someone who has the habit of forgetting her keys in the ignition): "Well, we don't have burglers around our house."

Hailie: "Yeah, they're all in Africa! That's what they said in my dream."

Whereas I didn't dream about burglers, but being one of the principle parties in a wedding, and everyone changing clothes before the photographs have been taken. Totally not happening!

Bryan is leaving in three weeks!
Less than 600 hours until I see him again!

I have...

Aug. 5th, 2006 11:28 am
... an amazing, incredible fiance

... a sweet sweet sister/best friend

... wonderful friends

... all my sorting and packing to do in 25 days

... a peach cheesecake in the fridge for dinner

... a craving for a pretty black shawl

... two cousins younger than Hailie, which is weirder to me than having a four year old sister

... over 100 emails in my inbox again... for now

... to get to work.
Twelve weeks is a long time.

I am...

Aug. 4th, 2006 11:16 am
... tightening buttonloops and resewing buttons on my wedding dress

... listening to Air Supply

... going to the library this afternoon with seven kids

... getting married in 36 days

... looking forward to getting my hair cut on Monday

... happy that my cake topper came yesterday; it's beautiful

... drinking coffee

... loving my new Hailie icons, I should make more

... missing Bryan like crazy today


Aug. 1st, 2006 07:03 am
... is the first and second days of August (there, I said it before anyone corrected me).

... I'm going to clean my room (I think).

... the painters will finish up on our house.

... I will call all three of my married siblings.

... is the day before I get a haircut. I love getting my hair cut.

... I will wrap Hailie's birthday presents.

... can be a wonderful day!
Comment about someone special. Tell us why they are special, and if you see them in person today, make sure you tell them too.


*warm fuzzies*

Story time!

Feb. 2nd, 2006 10:45 pm
A Fairy Tale
by Holly Tucker

For my Bryan

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Because of the times she lived in, though her father was a king among men, he did not rule over a country, or a city, or even a small town. But her king father and queen mother had many children to make up for the lack of a kingdom, prospered and were very happy.

Ever since she was small, the princess dreamed of the prince who would someday come. She knew it wouldn't be long, because her king father had found her queen mother when they were pretty young. As she reached and then passed the magic age (because everyone knows that the age their parents got married is a magic age), she began to get discouraged and grumpy about it. She met many nice boys and men, but no one seemed to notice her.

One day, she realized that having a prince would make her no happier than she was. That the High King had always provided everything for her happiness, and that if she wasn't happy with what He had given her, she wouldn't be happy with a prince either. So, she determined, with the help of the High King (who, even though He was very busy [because while her king father only had the small kingdom of his family, the High King ruled not only over one country, but all], He took time to talk to the princess, and give her wisdom when she asked) that she would be happy, and contented while she waited (because of course, she didn't give up the dream of the prince). She was amazed and delighted with this gift from the High King, and tried as best as she could to share her happiness with everyone she found, if it was in a few words of encouragement, a happy smile, a blessing, or just a listening ear. She began to discover that though she still wanted a prince of her own, she was finding greater happiness in belonging to the High King than she had ever known.

She had many princes in her acquaintances, but though they were all great and godly men, she knew that none of them could make her as happy as she had seen her king father make her queen mother. She sometimes wondered too, how in the world she would know when it was the right one, and if one did become interested in her, if she would sometimes wonder if there were someone better out there.

One day she happened upon the writings of a prince, and was delighted at his mixture of thoughtful godliness, and crazy silliness. She had always liked that mixture, and found herself reading his writings more and more. She didn't really think about the possibility of him being 'her' prince because even though he was such a nice prince, his country was far away. She finally got the courage to introduce herself to him, and as she got to know him better, sparring back and forth with silliness, she liked him better, but still thought of him only as a friend.

This prince had many friends in the princess' country, and decided to visit her country. The princess thought it would be great fun to meet him, and invited him to visit her home while he was there. As the time grew nearer, and the letters got more frequent, she suddenly was stricken with an illness that she had not had for at least five years. It was a crushing feeling, and she fought it bravely, not only asking the High King to take it from her, but even going so far as to ask friends to petition the same. But the High King did not see fit to answer her petition. In fact, He seemed to be ignoring it altogether, and as the time came for the prince's visit, her dismay grew. She did not think it possible that this great and marvelous prince would possibly be interested in her as more than a friend, and she did not want to hurt their friendship by this crush.

The time came for his visit, and to her relief, she discovered the prince to be just as easy to get along with as he seemed in his letters. She also discovered, to her great delight, that the prince had been struck with the same feeling she had. She was amazed that such a prince would feel that way, but by no means would she discourage it. Because he was traveling, after he left, his letters were less frequent for a couple months, and though she wondered sometimes if it was just a passing fancy, deep down she knew that it wasn't, and no matter how long it took, she knew that he was the prince for her, and well worth waiting for. After a couple months, the prince came once again before going home to his own country, and he spoke to her king father about the possibility of making the princess his queen (because in that time, when a prince and princess married, they became a king and queen). Her king father and queen mother disliked the distance between his country and hers, but because they loved and trusted their princess, they got to know the prince and some of his family and friends and soon discovered that he was indeed all that the princess said he was. The prince and the princess meanwhile had come to the surprising and wonderful discovery that there was no doubt in either of their minds, no question of if there might be someone better. They both had a certainty, born in their trust of the High King, that this amazing thing between them, called love, was right, good and theirs.

This story obviously doesn't end here, but I'll let the princess' youngest sister, Princess Hailie finish it how she finishes all her fairy stories:

"And the prince married the princess and carried her off to his castle in the clouds and they lived happily ever after and had lots of babies."

  • I'm very happy.

  • The sky is overcast today, just like I prayed it would be.

  • My migraine from last night is contained. I am now in a drug induced haze.

  • If you haven't done so, please drop by and vote in the Truth and Lie poll. You don't have to know the folks to guess.

  • I'm very happy.

  • It's relieving to hear that [ profile] krikketgirl's husband is okay.

  • Heidi and Tim's birthday is on Tuesday, and Forrest and Rebekah's anniversary is on Thursday. It's hard to believe they've been married four years now.

  • Mama and I went out for Mexican yesterday afternoon. It was yummy fun.

  • I'm very happy.

  • I've been going through stuff I've had in storage for a few years. The mess on my floor is driving me crazy.

  • CART got some polo shirts. They're still Kelly green, but the shirts themselves don't look quite so bad as the others. The only thing is that now we have to wear them every day. :P

  • I'm getting new glasses. :D

  • Oh, and did I mention that I am very happy?



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