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Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:New Zealand
I am a Christian, striving to 'glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.'

I have quite the family. I have ten siblings - five sisters and two sisters-in-law, five brothers and three brothers-in-law, seven nephews and six nieces. On September 9th, 2006, Bryan and I were married. To add once again to the family numbers, our first child, Symeon Peter William, was born July 29th, 2007. Our second child, Verity Joy Cristina, was born January 20, 2009. Our third child, Raynier Paul Dominic, was born October 14, 2010.

My family is wonderful, and I think a lot of them. I give you

The List:

Mama [info]friarslady

Heather (36) (who is married to
Isaac (37)
Heidi (35) [info]stbrigidsnovice (who is married to
Tim (39) wmofmalmesburywmofmalmesbury)
Holly (32) [info]mrs617 (who is married to
Bryan (34) [info]617)
Forrest (30) [info]followinggiants (who is married to
Rebekah (30) [info]haikupoetess)
Hilary (21)
Hannah (19)
Fred (18)
Ford (16)
Freeman (14)
Finn (12)
Hailie (8)

Symeon (3) [info]dynamitedove
Verity (2)
Raynier (born October 14, 2010)

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Nephews and Nieces:

Isaac & Heather's kids:

Dylan (8)
Harrison (7)
Jacqueline "Jacque" (5)
Tyrel (3)
Shane (2)

Tim & Heidi's kids:
Elbereth "Berry" (4)
Marigold (2)
Serenity (1)
Baby due June, 2011

Forrest & Rebekah's kids:
Timothy (8)
David (7)
Noelle (4)
Anastasia (2)

2005 marked a milestone in my life; I met and fell in love with a Man who has far surpassed everything I have ever wished for in a Husband. January 26, 2006 was another milestone, as we officially began courtship, and began to plan our life together, and on April 26th he finally asked me to marry him. I said yes. God has done something in my life I did not think possible. He has taken my great happiness and contentment with life and increased it far beyond my imagination. On September 9, 2006, we became a family.

Our CourtshipStories.

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I am from the US and have been in six countries (The USA, Canada, England, Kenya, Tanzania and New Zealand) and in 10 states (Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Minnisota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nevada and California) and have lived for more than six months in three states and two foreign countries. I have either been in, or flown over every ocean. Although I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I hadn't been in the Pacific ocean until I visited New Zealand for the first time in 2006. I have also been in the Indian ocean.

What friends have said about me.

I take great delight in cooking/baking/grilling, children, being outside, reading, walking, visiting friends and

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The fantastic design for my journal was done by the talented [info]unpoedic, January, 2005, for the first Trading Spaces, Live Journal Style.

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Interests (150):

acoustic alchemy, andrew york, areopagus coffee, autumn breezes, babies, bach, backgammon, baking, beethoven, bible, birth, blues, books, bryan dove, bungeling busters, c.s. lewis, camping, carnations, cary grant, casting crowns, catching mr. dove, cheese, chick flicks, children, children's literature, children's movies, chocolate, choirs, christ, christian education, christianity, christians, church, church mice, classic literature, classical music, coffee, confederation reformed evangelical churches, cooking, cosy chairs, courtship, covenant children, covenant renewal worship, creation, crec, curly hair, custard, dark chocolate, doulas, dove, driving, elephants, elizabeth cadell, european chocolate, evenings in the summer, family, fine china, forests, fresh kiwi, friends, g. k. chesterton, gorgonzola, green, greg bahnsen, grilling, handel, handel's messiah, helen macinnes, hiking, hiking mt. rainier, holding hands, homemaking, homeschooling, hospitality, hymns, intellectual christians, jane austen, jazz, jesus, jesus christ, john bunyan, kenneth gentry, kids, lagq, large families, legos, libraries, liturgy, louis armstrong, loving my bryan, macgyver, making my bryan happy, martin luther, mary stewart, michael card, midwives, missions, mt. rainier, music, norah jones, old churches, orange marmalade, organs, p.g. wodehouse, paedobaptism, paedocommunion, pastor's kids, peter cetera, peter leithart, photography, pianos, pilgrim's progress, pipe organs, pks, postmillennialism, prayer, pringles, rain, reading, reformed theology, science, science fiction, sewing, shoes, shopping, simplicity, singing, singing psalms, sketching, soaking up the sun, spring flowers, st.anne's pub, standing in the wind, stay at home moms, steak, sunshine, swinging, tastefully simple, tent camping, the mountain, theology, theonomy, thrift stores, travel, used bookstores, walking in the rain, weddings, wind, wine, woods
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